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24/07/2016 - 20h12

Beef Week MS starts in Bonito




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Six restaurants in Bonito will host the Beef Week MS, from July 22 to 31.

"Events like this bring closer the producers and the consumer. It is really important to know how and why a product is in our table", says the chef Paulo Machado.

Check out the restaurants and the dishes presented:

Cantinho da Vovó
R. Sem. Felinto Muler, 570 - Centro
Dish: Bisteca Bovina Grelhada ao Molho de Vinho Tinto
R$ 30,00 - for one person

Kiosque Restaurante
R. Cel. Pillad Rebuá, 1930 - Centro
Dish: Bife Ancho Grelhado com Batata Doce Frita e Salada
R$ 30,00 - for one person

Marco Velho
R. Luiz da Costa Leite, 2184 - Centro
Dish: Bifão do Marco Velho
R$ 40,00 - for two people

Aquário Restaurante
R. Cel Pilad de Rebuá, 1883 - Centro
Dish: Mignon ao Molho Miellé
R$ 40,00 - for one person

Rua 2 de outubro , 1168 - Vila Donária /
Dish: Fraldinha selada com Risotto "arroz e feijão" e Batatas Rústicas
R$ 49,00 - for one person

Pantanal Grill
Rua Cel. Pilad de Rebuá, 1808 - Centro
Dish: Steak Mignon ao molho Dijon
R$ 35,00 - for one person


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